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we make our tea a little different
We’ve Done Away With the Tea Bag!

With T-Sticks, you can enjoy your tea when you’re on the go because there’s no need for a teaspoon, which means no mess.

Delight your customers by adding T-Sticks of London to your range.

If you’d like to offer your customers our great tasting range of tea and coffee Sticks, we welcome retail and distributor enquiries from around the globe.

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10 wonderful T-Sticks to try

T-Sticks come in 10 delicious flavours, sourced from tea plantations around the world. Each flavour is refreshing, well balanced, unique and fragrant.

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David Cameron experiences T-Sticks!

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently met T-Sticks co-founder and CEO Ricky Kothari and has joined the legions of fans who love T-Sticks. He was wowed by their inimitable taste, aroma and the clever yet simple convenience

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T-Sticks of London serves the top hospitality companies with tailor-made tea concepts and innovative service ideas. Our HORECA sales team offers you an unrivalled bespoke service,

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All the convenience of T-Sticks, with the full flavour of fresh aromatic coffee. Our coffee sticks come in four fantastic flavours, please browse the range, available to purchase online.

“In our endeavour to push innovation into our Guest experiences, T-Sticks of London have been a source of delight for our consumers. Not only are their teas unsurpassed in terms of their flavour, aroma and strength, the unique tea stick concept has ensured the preservation of the tea’s quality from the plantation to the cup, not to mention being the ultimate convenience"

John McLean
Director of Food and Beverage ,
The Grove Hotel, London's Country Estate