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We make our tea a little different

Delivering to tea fans around the world a delicious and aromatic drip-free luxury tea experience. Our innovative concept combines taste with technology.

Welcome to our innovative, luxury tea drinking concept. As a company we look to develop 'make life easier' and 'better for you' products. If you take delight in experiencing the world's finest teas, we'd like to invite you to discover a completely new art of drinking tea that enhances the flavour, promotes your well-being and is the ultimate in luxury tea convenience.

Our expertly sourced tea from the world's finest plantations is encased in a perforated sterile aluminium foil stick. The wonderful T-Stick eliminates the need for tea infuser bags and spoons, saving time and avoiding drips and mess. The unique T-Stick also acts as a strainer and stirrer. Best of all, our T-Sticks come in 10 wonderful flavours to enjoy.

“In our endeavour to push innovation into our Guest experiences, T-Sticks of London have been a source of delight for our consumers. Not only are their teas unsurpassed in terms of their flavour, aroma and strength, the unique tea stick concept has ensured the preservation of the tea’s quality from the plantation to the cup, not to mention being the ultimate convenience"

John McLean
Director of Food and Beverage , The Grove | Luxury Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort

as easy as 1, 2, tea!

How it Works

T-Sticks is inspired by real life. Our T-Sticks looks to the future by being portable, acting as both a strainer and stirrer, and reducing washing-up. Our idea teams quality flavour, aroma, strength and consistency to experience convenience in a way no other product in this market does.

Step 1: Place your T-Stick into a cup or mug of freshly boiled water.

Step 2: Stir the T-Stick in the water, giving it an optimal time to infuse the flavour. We recommend a minimum of two minutes. If you like stronger, stir for longer. Sweeten as required and stir.

Step 3: Remove the T-Stick and gently shake out excess water. Turn upside down so non drips. That's it. Enjoy.

Embrace a new luxury tea experience!

Stick in cup

Place the T-Stick in a cup

Pour Water

Add freshly boiled water, stir & infuse for 2 minutes

Enjoy your luxury
tea taste sensation!

Enjoy your
taste sensation!