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15th Jan 2015

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Former Prime Minister David Cameron experiences T-Sticks!

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently met T-Sticks founder Ricky Kothari and has joined the legions of fans who love T-Sticks. He was wowed by their inimitable taste, aroma and the clever convenience.

The Former Prime Minister and Secretary of State thought the innovation of T-Sticks was a great concept, they sympathised with the problem of messy teabags. The Former Prime Minister seemed to really enjoy his sip of the Minty Moroccan Green Tea.

  • David Cameron invited T-Sticks of London to China on his next trade mission.
  • It was the second time in a week T-Sticks met the PM as a question was put directly in front of 1000 delegates at the British Chamber of Commerce 2015 annual conference. T-Sticks asked - How is the Government supporting international trade for British businesses?
  • A British led designed packaged product has opportunities globally

Conversation Transcript:

  • RK: Hi David, nice to meet you
  • DC: Tea in a stick, how does that work?
  • RK: Avoiding the mess of the messy teabag. Do not need a teaspoon: no mess no drips, great for the campaign.
  • DC: was there a lightbulb moment when this came to you?
  • RK: there was, I was working in a corporate organisation and spilt tea before a Board meeting
  • DC: And also what you do with the teabags
  • RK: exactly. Thank you for answering my question on Tuesday, regarding international trade
  • DC: oh! That was you?
  • RK: yes that was me! Second time in a week!
  • DC: so you came up with the idea, then you had to do a lot of research on how big to make holes
  • RK: yes and how rigid to make the stick for it to take the hot water
  • DC: and what sort of teas do you have?
  • RK: all the standard range, we have breakfast tea, earl grey, this is mint...
  • DC: oh right, well let’s have a sip. What’s that like? I love mint tea... that’s really nice actually
  • RK: yes refreshing, just add your milk and your sugar
  • DC: and you can just leave the stick in while you’re drinking?
  • RK: yes or take it out with no drips
  • DC: how come no drips? Is this just what it does?
  • RK: because it doesn’t drip out the holes
  • DC: that is very very smart. So where are you selling these?
  • RK: so we market to hotels/restaurants at the moment. We are just doing a new box packaging to get into retail. The next step is China
  • DC: Selling tea to China? That’s cool, if you can do that you’ll have to come on my next trade mission