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4th Nov 2015

Events & Trade Shows

4 Tips to Get your Startup Noticed at Events

mingleIn today’s world it can be hard for startups and small businesses to be heard over the louder voices of large companies. And with an ever-growing number of new businesses cropping up it is easy to feel at a loss as to how to get noticed. Here at T-Sticks we were invited along to Drinkpreneur live last September. We took away lots of great lessons from this seminar (along with the ‘Brand to Watch’ award!). Attending this sort of event reminds us of how important it is to use them to get your brand out there. But it is not always that easy, so here are 4 things we have learnt since the launch of T-Sticks that have helped us get noticed.

1. Mingle

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Everyone knows the expression “it’s not what you know but who you know”, and this is definitely true. That’s why it is so important to talk to as many people as possible at events. But give everyone equal amounts of attention as you never know who you might be speaking to, from investors to potential clients. Never dismiss anyone as unimportant. Remain polite and don’t forget to smile! When talking about your company, keep it short and to the point with the tagline and a sound bite lasting from 10-15 seconds to capture interest. Another top tip is to always carry samples of your product (if possible!) on you to give to people and to also use to visually demonstrate what your startup does.

2. Ask relevant questions

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At any sort of talk, seminar or event make your voice heard – literally! Ask interesting and relevant questions. Not only can you learn from this, but you help get yourself remembered by those around you. Make sure you follow the event’s agenda and do not just say things for the sake of speaking.

3. Wear your product (branded clothes)

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Not only can you use your voice to get noticed- but you can use yourself as an advertisement! Wear T-Shirts with your brand’s logo and/or tagline. Visual images and bright colours are often easier for people to remember, so this could help your brand stick in their mind. Always be presentable and give a good image of your company. Also, never forget to have your business cards on you (in large numbers!) to give out to everyone.

4. Prepare your pitch


This is one of the most important points. Perfect your pitch and learn it. An unprepared pitch can lead to rambling without giving your audience the hook they need to latch on to your product. Make sure you get across the problem that your company is there to solve, the type of customers you are targeting, and do not be shy to mention previous success stories! A great way to connect with an audience (whether this is in a one-to-one or to a whole room of people) is to tell them a story. Humanise yourself and the brand by telling them relatable stories about how you were inspired to start your company. T-Sticks for example was an idea that came to CEO Ricky after a teabag he was using spilled tea down his white shirt just before a board meeting- and a cleaner, more portable teabag alternative was born!