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22nd Jan 2016

Healthy Living

Guide to Staying Dry for January

dry jan coverLast year over 2 million people in the UK pledged to stay “dry for January” and with all the obvious benefits including weight loss and a better night’s sleep you too may have decided to go alcohol-free over the course of 31 days. Should be easy, right? You’ve come so far and yet you face this final hurdle….10 more days…. The temptation for a tipple may be too much. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our top tips for staying dry this January.

  1. Remember why you are doing it and how far you have come

We all have our own personal reasons for laying off the alcohol. Maybe you needed a detox after all the Christmas indulgence, or maybe you liked the idea of saving some cash. Whatever your reason was, do not lose sight of it. Make a note of why you made this your new year’s resolution and what changes you feel in yourself already.

  1. Drink lots…While staying tee total!

We all know the saying that the “devil makes work for idle thumbs” this is also the case for an idle mouth! Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking non-alcoholic beverages. You could even make some “mocktails”, we of course recommend some tea-based ones which have the added benefit of helping you detox! Some great recipes can be found here.

  1. Seek encouragement online

Much like going to the gym, our goals can be easier to stick to if we pair up with a buddy. Lots of help can be found on Twitter and there are even Facebook groups to keep you motivated!

  1. Buy yourself something with all the money you have saved

Now that you aren’t drinking your extra cash you can put it towards something fun once January is over! Like that new bag you’ve had your eye on…

    5. Continue as normal!

Don’t treat dry January like a prison sentence, keep socializing and going out as normal so that you do not feel like you are missing out!