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Why T-Sticks?

Its clever but simple. T-Sticks is an innovative and convenient approach to modern day tea brewing. We offer high quality tea flavours which are released via the specially made micro perforations. With over 400 evenly-spaced micro perforations of 0.08mm on each of our tea sticks, so that tea tannins aren’t concentrated and our tea never steeps and gets bitter.

The unique shape of the tea stick not only acts as a stirrer for the grade of larger leaf tea we source, it ensures that the tea infuses evenly throughout the entire cup or mug for a better flavoursome taste. Teabags, on the other hand, tend to disperse the infusion mainly to the bottom of the drinking cup, leading to an uneven flavour distribution. Given the versatility of the tea stick, you can use it to stir in hot water, milk and/or sugar without having to find a teaspoon or stirrer stick which serves the same purpose. This reduces the need to find or wash up teaspoons afterwards.

The aluminum foil casing for the finished tea stick product is IFS (International Features Standards) certified and FDA approved and can withstand temperatures of 121°C, reaching the high levels of quality and security for retailers and consumers.

the ultimate convenience

Now you can enjoy a cup of tea no matter where you are, because there’s no need for a teaspoon! The T-Stick is perfect for popping into your bag for those grab-and-go moments.

an unforgettable taste & aroma

Our tea sticks don’t just look pretty, they use a unique technology that allows the tea to filter in a way that provides a full flavour experience! Try it for yourself and you’ll never use a bag again!

no mess, no drips, no spoon

No more rummaging for a clean tea spoon. The wonderful T-Stick acts as a strainer and stirrer in one. Keep your environment and yourself tea stain free.

To experience the wonderful taste, aroma and convenience of our tea sticks, browse our 10 wonderful flavours. Are you a wholesaler or distributor? Delight your customers by adding this wonderful premium product to your range.