A Gift of Refinement (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés)


Tea is a vital item on the food service industry’s shopping list. However the market has become so saturated with tea brands that it has become increasingly difficult to give your client a unique tea-drinking experience. Enter: T-Sticks.
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The Concept

The product design was inspired by real life tea challenges. From our own experience of exhibitions & events, working in offices and staying in hotels on business we realised that the same problems were being faced by the food service industry (HORECA):
  • The cost associated with needing to wash up teabag related mess
  • The time to clean teaspoons and the water wastage
  • Client experience can suffer as a result of the above due to the strain on resources and possibly staff attention diverted elsewhere

T-Sticks for HORECA is a solution to all of the above and looks to the future of tea. We want to inject innovation into a market that has remained inert for decades, in order to give your client a unique and luxurious tea drinking experience.

Benefits for the food service industry

Time and cost saving:

  • Our T-Sticks acts as a stirrer and strainer in one – so no need for a teaspoon! This means a reduction in washing up time, water wastage and the cost of buying teaspoons. =
  • Our combination of large leaf tea and carefully measured perforations in the stick means that dreaded drips of tea are no more. This minimises mess and therefore the amount of tea-stained linen to be cleaned.


  • Unique and delicious tea that your clients can enjoy: we have explored the four corners of the globe to put the world’s finest leaf tea into our sticks. The form of our product also helps infuse the tea throughout the cup, enhancing taste perfect for HORECA.

Be Green:

  • Limit water wastage - the packaging isn’t just good for you and your business, it’s good for the planet too! By using our recyclable aluminium foil T-Sticks without tea spoons, you’re helping us save millions of gallons of water with less washing.
  • Aluminium recycling - Natural resources can be preserved through the use of aluminium. At the end of its useful life, recycled aluminum retains its properties, which guarantees that it is possible to create value by recycling it into new products.Using recycled aluminium saves approximately 95% of the energy required for primary aluminium production* and produces only 5% of the CO2 emissions compared with primary production. Today, T-Sticks are produced from about 80% recycled or scrapped aluminium, thus minimizing the use of primary aluminium and consequent energy demand. (*source: EAA (European Aluminium Association)
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T-Sticks are already being served in a number of 4 & 5 star hotels including the Grove Country Estate (www.thegrove.co.uk), Mecure Imperial Hotel (www.accorhotels.com), Hilton and Park Plaza. Our other HORECA clients include catering companies such as Forman & Fields catering, Delicious Catering, and office suppliers Staples to name a few. Through these companies we have been supplying work and corporate offices, catering events, cafes, restaurants and health & fitness clubs.