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Our Co-Founders, Ricky and Kim, have been lifelong friends. They were brought up on teas from around the world, and their parents introduced them to many types of tea from their countries of origin, specifically Indian, African and Chinese tea.

Their love for a good brew however became incompatible with their on-the-go lifestyles, which often found them on the road for both work and pleasure. They started T-Sticks as an answer to this and also to the age old fight for clean teaspoons in the office kitchen. They realised that the good-old teabag just wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore, not only from a consumer perspective in the workplace and events but from the HORECA food industry side of things too. They felt that the tea market and retailer shelves was ready for a positive change: Tea in a stick which creates an even distribution of flavour with no bitterness, with the added bonus of having no drips and no spoon needed!

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Ricky, our co-founder, is a health nut that was brought up on camellia sinensis (that’s Chinese tea or Indian Assam to you and me). His background is in management consultancy. This led to him visiting a wide variety of different offices that always had the same problems- No clean tea spoons! This lead to some very tea-stained fingers, with the final straw being when his teabag stained a clean white shirt just before a board meeting, and the T-Sticks concept was born. He spends any free time he has as a high intensity spin instructor, preaching about the amazing health benefits of tea.



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Kim, another T-Sticks co-founder, poured his love for tea into every stick. Now living in Shanghai, his ‘roll up your sleeves and get stuck in’ approach to work often means he is as likely to be found fronting a T-Sticks pop up stall as meeting supermarket buyers or hotel clients. Need facts and figures on tea? Kim is your go-to guy.


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Abby’s start-up and marketing experience has helped keep her feet firmly in the modern world, where she spends her time blogging, tweeting and connecting with people throughout the social media universe. Currently situated in Paris, she can often be found combining her love of tea with her love of croissants and pain au chocolat…


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Justin is our in-house rare tea specialist who has worked with the likes of Fortnum and Mason. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience of the finest and rarest teas in the world to ensure the tea in our sticks is of the highest quality and taste. We think Justin, a tea-tester, probably has the best job in the world…


Operations Manager

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Sheenal, our operations manager, is the one that ensures our T-Sticks find their way into your mugs by getting our stock levels in line with demand. She also manages the delivery team and client accounts. Whilst she balances the books she enjoys a good cup of Creamy Caramel Coffee – she is a die-hard coffee fan (don’t worry, we soon set her straight).
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